CargoNXT 2024 is dedicated to celebrating excellence within the logistics sector, acknowledging the commendable efforts and achievements of brands and the individuals responsible for their success. The accolades are meticulously divided into two primary categories (Individual and Company). Organizations or their designated representatives are invited to submit entries, ensuring prior approval for submission has been obtained from all relevant parties.

Each nomination or individual entry is counted as a singular submission, and multiple entries can be registered simultaneously. The submission process is detailed below for your convenience:

We appreciate your commitment to maintaining the highest standards of professionalism in the logistics industry and look forward to receiving your esteemed entries for CargoNXT 2024.

Nomination Process

  1. Submit Your Nomination Online:- Fill out the nomination form provided on our online platform. Take a moment to reflect on what distinguishes your nominee and set your entry apart.
  2. Qualification Check:- Our team will review and vet all entries to ensure they meet the criteria for the selected category(s). This step ensures fairness and adherence to the recognition standards.
  3. Nominee Publicity and Marketing:- Once the vetting process is complete, nominees will be announced when the voting period opens. This is the perfect time for nominees to proudly share their nominations and kick off any marketing campaigns to garner support.

These steps aim to streamline the nomination process and maximize the visibility and impact of the recognition program.

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